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Navigating Business Pivots and Mental Fitness with Byron McCaughey

In a recent enlightening conversation, Liv Co-Founder Peter Esho reconnects with Byron McCaughey, the esteemed host of the Psychlings Podcast. Their shared journey dates back to 2019, where two ambitious Aussies crossed paths at an accelerator program in London, each with a vision to leave an indelible mark on the global business landscape.

Byron's entrepreneurial journey, marked by both challenges and introspection, led him to make the noble decision to pivot when faced with adversity. This episode delves deep into that decision, highlighting the grace with which Byron and his co-founder chose to refocus their energies, ultimately leading Byron to a fulfilling career in psychology, further enriching his already distinguished academic pursuits.

Together, Peter and Byron explore the intricate tapestry of business failures, the art of the pivot, and the paramount importance of mental fitness. They emphasize the role of CEO coaching in leadership development, underscoring it as a continuous journey that intertwines personal passion with professional evolution.

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