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Coaching and Strategy for CEOs with Dr. George Marano

In a recent episode of our CEO Coaching series, Liv Co-Founder Peter Esho engages in a riveting dialogue with Dr. George Marano, a renowned authority in strategic management and planning. This conversation, tailored for entrepreneurs and leaders, addresses the age-old challenge: mastering the art of effective delegation and transitioning from working in the business to working on it through the lens of CEO coaching.

Strategic management, as Peter and Dr. Marano discuss, holds the potential to dismantle the barriers that often stifle business growth. The episode delves deep, addressing six pivotal questions that shed light on the essence of strategic management for entrepreneurs and its practical application.

The duo also navigates the subtle distinctions between academic strategy and its real-world counterpart, probing the scalability of strategic management within diverse organizational structures.

A highlight of the conversation is Dr. Marano's insights into quantifying performance before and after strategic management implementation. He also generously shares a must-read book recommendation for those eager to embark on their strategic enlightenment journey.

This episode, a cornerstone of our CEO Coaching series, is a goldmine for anyone, from budding entrepreneurs to seasoned leaders, seeking to elevate their strategic prowess.

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