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CEO Lessons and the Power of Positive Coaching

Liv Co-Founder Peter Esho recently delved into the transformative world of CEO coaching in a riveting conversation with his executive coach, Snezana Djuric. Their discussion centered on the pivotal role of mental fitness in leadership development, underscoring the essence of CEO coaching in fostering the right mindset for success in business, career, and investment endeavors.

While Peter's content traditionally orbits around markets and investing, he recognized the profound impact of CEO coaching on his personal and professional journey. This revelation prompted him to spotlight the significance of mental fitness in leadership, an area often overlooked but integral to holistic success.

Under Peter's visionary leadership, the principles of CEO coaching have been seamlessly integrated at Wealthi. Together, Peter and Snezana explored the evolving landscape of CEO coaching, emphasizing its transition from a niche practice to mainstream acceptance.

Drawing from Betterup research, they highlighted a concerning observation: approximately 55% of the surveyed US workforce is languishing. This state, characterized by neither illness nor flourishing, underscores the need for CEO coaching. Individuals in this state frequently grapple with challenges in performance and relationship-building, making them more susceptible to severe mental health conditions.

As Liv Co-Founder Peter Esho continues to share insights on markets and investing, he is committed to weaving in the invaluable lessons from CEO coaching, aiming to offer readers a balanced perspective on achieving both financial growth and mental well-being.

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