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Achieve breakthrough results, again and again

Using the latest science, our program drives a unified, relentless focus and action around your most important goals. Turn sporadic performance into a system of reliable results.


Our CEO growth approach

Liv Coaching Platform

Measure your progress and execute in real time

Our unique approach includes an execution system that’s been refined through more than 4,000 business data points and more than 20 years of backtesting.

It includes a methodology and powerful technology that supports and reinforces the right kind of behavior change.


A single metric—the Liv Performance Score (LPS)—lets you track progress in real time across your whole organization.

Unleashing the power of coaching

Liv deploys world-class coaching and science backed solutions to build the long-term mindsets, skills, and behaviors to make you and your workforce ready for any challenge.

Liv Coaching Seminar
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